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TheRace Whitepaper

TheRace is a new type of NFT game.


In the whirlwind of recent events we can hear about the virtual world on TV programs or in the title of articles more often than usual. Level of investor interest is so high. And if in the past users played computer games just for fun. So, nowadays you can play to earn. In this case, TheRace is not a simple game for entertainment, that is also a good source of income. You are lucky that you found out TheRace earlier than others. You have more chances to get uniqueness car parts (about that further). We can tell you in advance that this is not the last NFT game we will present to you. There are many more plans and launches to come, which we ourselves are looking forward to.

Car parts

At the start of the race, the players will be available to a limited number of boxes (12000), by purchasing which the players can get certain parts to complete the car. Car parts which are available in boxes: 1). Manual transmission 2). Automatic transmission 3). Engine 4). Suspension 5). Summer tires 6). Winter tires The details differ in their value. The total supply of boxes is 12,000 and they differ in color and their value. 80% of the boxes, which is 9,600 pieces, are gray and are not particularly unique, 10% or 1,200 boxes are purple, 9% or 1,080 boxes are red and rare, and the legendary boxes are only 120 boxes, which is 1% of the turnover, in gold. For each of the six parts of the car there are only 20 gold boxes!

Why should you open boxes right now?

After all the boxes are sold out, users will still be able to buy parts, but only on the TheRace Marketplace (see point 4) from the players who got them from the boxes. Undoubtedly, you will always be able to sell your component parts at a bargain price.
Now, however, everyone has the opportunity to purchase boxes at a fixed price for everyone.
So, don't miss the chance to purchase a box at a fixed price!


The Staking feature provides an opportunity to get additional internal VXL/TRT tokens. Therefore, if a repeat pattern falls out - there is nothing wrong with that, it can be staked.


To complete a car, you should use only the best parts from your collection to be competitive when racing against other players. Of course, cars equipped with rare parts have a better chance of winning the race.

Essence of the game. What is a game about?

Before the tournament races begin, all players prepare their cars: determine what parts will be used, tires. First of all, the car must be equipped better than the competitors. Do not also forget about the weather conditions while picking up car tires for the race.
The concept of the game allows players not to bother about the gameplay, they do not have to sit for hours in front of the monitor and control your game car.
Everything is much easier, you just need to assemble your car and send it to the race. This is a great feature of the gameplay, because the free time you can devote to your personal needs.

Game features

Therace is a racing game of the future, all the game processes correspond to the real conditions. In this case, the variety of weather conditions directly affects the development of the story. By the way, if the player "re-shoes" the car in winter tires, but absolutely randomly the race is in hot weather - the chances of winning are regulated. At the moment, such a game concept is a new type of nft games. Therefore, we are pleased to present to the audience a completely new style of game.


TheRace game token is currently in active development and will soon be publicly available. The total number of TRT tokens is: 100.000.000

Token utility

TRT token is necessary for:

- Paying for prize games
- Buying parts or cars on TheRace Marketplace
- Betting on the Marketplace
- NFT rentals
- Paying for the repair of race cars and parts

Token distribution

27% of the tokens are earmarked for in-game prizes, NFT staking, and race box cashback
24% are blocked by the team for up to 24 months
13% Treasury Department
10% for sale in the meta-universe
10% for liquidity and possibility of listings
6% on pre-sale liquidity of boxes (EVER sell boxes and TRT)
5% for affiliate offers and collaboration
4% further farming
1% airdrop offer


Undoubtedly, token listing on world-known exchanges will not keep us waiting. In the near future we plan to list on your favorite crypto exchanges

Social media

Everyone knows that social networks take an important role in the development of projects.
You can find TheRace news, notifications of upcoming races, recommendations for car assembling and much more in the project's social networks. In addition to information channels, users have the opportunity to communicate with each other in public chats. You can easily ask for advice or get acquainted with potential rivals in the chat.
All the necessary links are on the main page of the site.


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