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Terms Of Use

Last updated: 9th April 2022

  1. These Terms of Service (Terms)form a contract between … and the The Race user (users, players, you). These terms manage your access to, use of and all interactions with The Race (“we”, “our”). Unless we have executed a separate written agreement with you for that purpose.
    You must accept it to use any part of The Race.
  2. The Race is an application that uses exclusive developed smart contracts to enable you to purchase, sell, collect NFT cars on a website, where users can open cases with necessary details to take part in further car races and earn TRT tokens from The Race. The amount of selling boxes is limited and subsequent sell will be available only on The Race marketplace (trading operations between players).
  3. Please read these Termscarefully before you start to use The Race, the website or other part of our service. By using The Race, the website, the smart contracts, or purchasing token you accept and agree to be bound and abide by these Terms, the extra Terms of Use which can be found here. If you are confirming all of these terms in the name of a company or other legal entity, you present the legal authority to accept these terms on that entity`s behalf, in which case “You” will mean that entity. If you do not agree to these terms, you can not use The Race, the website and other parts of The Race.


  1. Restriction
    4.1. The Race is only available for users who are18 years or above.4.2. We reserve the right to suspend or accomplish a user account for offense these Terms of Service by the user or fraudulent, criminal, harmful or unfair behavior of a user, for example:
    1. We consider the user of committing fraud in connection of this terms
    2. The user involved in suspicious transaction
    3. The user does not match to some of all of this terms
    4. The user account login and password are in owners of a third party
  2. You must providevalid and complete registration information, when you create an account on The Race. By creating your account, you agree to provide valid and complete account information about yourself and to maintain and promptly update as necessary your account information. You are responsible for the security of your account and your MetaMask wallet (and other Ethereum wallets and email accounts).
  3. To most easily use The Race,we strongly recommend that you firstly install Google Chrome. After you have installed Google Chrome, you will need to install a browser extension - MetaMask. MetaMask i is a software cryptocurrency wallet used to interact with the Ethereum blockchain. It allows users to access their Ethereum wallet through a browser extension or mobile app, which can then be used to interact with decentralized applications
    You will not be able to engage in any transactions on The Race other than through MetaMask (or other Ethereum-compatible browsers) or an email address.


  1. The Race used Smart Contractsto develop The Race car details.
    At the start of selling, the players will be available a limited number of boxes (12000), by purchasing which the players can get certain parts to complete the car.
    Car parts which are available in boxes:
    1. Manual transmission
    2. Automatic transmission
    3. Engine
    4. Suspension
    5. Summer tires
    6. Winter tires

    The details differ in their value.

    The total supply of boxes is 12,000 and they differ in color and their value.

    80% of the boxes, which is 9,600 pieces, are gray and are not particularly unique,

    10% or 1,200 boxes are purple,

    9% or 1,080 boxes are red and rare, and the legendary boxes are only 120 boxes, which is 1% of the turnover, in gold.

    For each of the six parts of the car there are only 20 gold boxes!

    At the end of selling boxes, new players can buy car details only on The Race marketplace (transaction between users).

    1. To complete a car, players should use only the best parts from your collection to be competitive when racing against other players. Of course, cars equipped with rare parts have a better chance of winning the race.
    2. Before the tournament races begin, all players prepare their cars: determine what parts will be used, tires. First of all, the car must be equipped better than the competitors.
    3. Players need to pay attention to weather conditions which may help or interrupt the car in the race.


  1. TheRace game token is currently in active development and will soon be publicly available.
    The total number of TRT tokens is: 100.000.000
  2. TRT token is necessary for:
    1. Paying for prize games
    2. Buying parts or cars on The Race Marketplace
    3. Betting on the Marketplace
    4. NFT rentals
    5. Paying for the repair of race cars and parts
  3. Users will not be able to play game as a player, you just need to collect your car and take part in a race.

Purchasing NFTs

  1. We release a fixed amount of boxes with special NFT car details
    a).We may require that you register an account with us to purchase NFTs
    b).We may require that you nominate your Digital Wallet at the time of the purchase.
  2. The Race will not sell NFTs when the full amount of boxes will be 0.
  3. Users can purchase NFTs only on the marketplace since we finished trading.
  4. Risk and title in any NFT purchase transfers to you upon purchase of the NFT and you are responsible for ensuring your Digital Wallet is accurately linked. If you lose your private key or login or seed phrase for your Digital Wallet you will lose access to your NFTs stored in your Digital Wallet.
  5. NFTs purchased or Procured by you may be used for gameplay in The Race, which may provide additional features and privileges.
  6. Gameplay in The Race may be subject to further instructions, restrictions, terms and conditions as detailed in these Terms, The Race or on the Website, including in respect of our car upgrading programs and racing game.

Intellectual Property License in NFTs

  1. We grant, to the party who Owns an NFT we have issued for the time that party Owns the NFT (Term), a license in respect of the Art associated with the NFT purchase subject always to these NFT Terms in force at the date of sale or transfer together with any other terms and conditions which may apply to the NFT.
  2. Upon your sale of the NFT you Own, the Licence transfers to the purchaser who then Owns the NFT and will be subject to the Licence and these NFT Terms. For the avoidance of doubt, the transfer of the Licence does not constitute a commercial use.
  3. There is no transfer of title or ownership of any Intellectual Property or any Intellectual Property rights upon the sale of the NFT under these NFT Terms.
  4. Compliance with laws – No monitoring responsibilities
    We will have no liability or responsibility for your compliance with laws or regulations governing the transfer and use of NFTs. Further, you are solely responsible for compliance with all applicable requirements of any laws, rules, and regulations of governmental authorities in Your Jurisdiction.
    You further acknowledge that neither we nor any of our Personnel is, and will not be, by virtue of providing NFTs to you, an advisor or fiduciary to you.
  5. Relationship
    Nothing in these Terms constitutes the parties as partners or agents of the other and no party has any authority to bind the other legally or equitably save as expressly stated in these Terms.
  6. Knowledge
    In these Terms, a reference to the awareness or knowledge by you is a reference to the actual knowledge, information and belief you have as at the date of any transaction taking place pursuant to these Terms.


In these Terms:

Details means objects which you will discover in boxes. Details improve your car and raise your chance to win.

We, our, us and similar words means The Race and our relative entities.

You, your and similar words means as the content requires (1) you when you use our website and/or during (2) you are dealing with us as a customer.

Our website means and/or other websites we may operate regularly.

Digital Wallet means the applicable “Metamask” location, public key or wallet address, account or storage device which we choose to support for the delivery of the NFTs provided by us.

Privacy Policy means the privacy policy published on our website and can be changed regularly.

Fixed Price means a constant price which cannot be changed.

Your Jurisdiction means the country or state where you are ordinarily resident or from which you enter into any agreement with us.


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